7521QCA: Week 9, Prototyping

Illustration of what the penpal kit would look like

This week was not a vibe 🙁 I did a fair bit though, against all odds. I’ve got a lot on my plate but I’m doing my best to make sure I’m keeping up with this assignment.

Prior to class, I completed three prototypes of my penpal kit: two flowcharts and one illustration. I did one flowchart at first with an automatic matching system. After I got a user to look at it, I got feedback that there should also be a manual matching option for people who like to have more control, so I made a flowchart for this too.

Flowchart of the automatic matching process on the website
Flowchart of the manual matching process on the website

I also decided on all the different styles of the penpal kit that would be available (cute, elegant, gamer, sporty, spooky, sci-fi, hippie, colourful). Along with this, I created different versions of the kit that people could buy at different stages of their penpalling journey e.g. a restock kit.

In class, I presented all my prototypes. Unfortunately, I had my ears demolished mid-presentation by our stupid smoke alarm. It sent me into a panic attack, but I couldn’t really stop presenting so I just kept going which was… not fun. As a result, during the break in class, I had to leave because I was feeling pretty f’n awful.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the progress I’ve been making, although I’m a wee bit intimated by the task of putting all the elements together in the report. Also, I’m pretty sure I have to do a presentation of this report which I absolutely loathe 😊

Here’s the cute video of the week! It’s Puppet,,, he’s such a good boy,,, I love him,,




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Oliver M.

Oliver M.

he/they | 23 | Brisbane, Australia | Studying my Master of Design @ QCA