7521QCA: Week 7, Poster Time

Infographic of survey data for my poster

This week, I did a butt-ton of writing. The primary goal was to finish making the poster and with the initial layout ready to go, it was time to do the hard work (using my brain).

I had to cut down a lot of the information I had from my research, because I would have had too much text and it would have been visually overwhelming/illegible if I included everything. This meant that half a page of info was cut down to 1–2 sentences. I’m a bit sad that so much info was cut short, but it’s probably for the best, considering I’m a bit of a rambler!

Infographic of neurodivergency data for my poster

Luckily, I have a partner who is skilled at editing and pointing out spelling errors, since I am a person with ADHD and experience a lot of trouble spelling correctly/missing words while typing.

To make the poster visually appealing, I used The Noun Project website for all of my icons, so I didn’t have to do all the work myself and was able to keep the poster design visually consistent. It was a struggle to not let my perfectionism take hold and make me do all the icons myself, but I’m glad that I could reach a happy medium that left me a bit more sane at the end of it.

I submitted the poster twice, and attempted a third. The first time I submitted a PNG instead of a PDF — oops. The second time, I submitted a PDF, but didn’t check it before submitting. There were two sections of the poster where the colour was slightly off — double oops. The third time was when I had fixed this, but unfortunately I couldn’t submit it :( Thankfully, the second oops isn’t unforgiveable and is still visually appealing — just not perfect.

Final poster! :)

I attended class this week, online. Unfortunately, about halfway through, I was finding it really difficult, so I dropped out during the break. I find it really hard to participate online. It’s hard to keep focus when there are so many other distractions. I plan on attending in person next week.

Here’s the cute animal video of the week:




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Oliver M.

Oliver M.

he/they | 23 | Brisbane, Australia | Studying my Master of Design @ QCA